It's a inspiring story about people that just happen to skydive...

On October 21st of 2002, I met Roy (a skydive tandem instructor) and Anne-Laure (a skydiver/videographer) on my first skydive.  Being a video/film enthusiast, I showed up with video camera in hand and caught on film for the first time my new friends whom I am very close with today.  On October 30th of 2003, my friends Roy and Anne-Laure decided to open a skydiving location better known in the skydiving world as a "Dropzone".  This news excited me and I offered to design their first website for the business.  They gladly accepted my offer and till this day, I manage their website as they have grown from a dream,  to a reality and a successful and well known dropzone.


As the years passed, I watched skydivers come and go in the sport, watched many people make their first tandem and the smiles are priceless.  The enthusiasm is contagious and at the end of the day you can't help but feel good about all that you experience with such a fun and outgoing crowd. I've met many great friends here and everyday spent has been inspiring. 


In September of 2011, I filmed a short documentary that took me 2 months to film, edit, narrate, etc.  I posted it onto YouTube, Vimeo and the Skydive Southwest Florida website.  It was also featured on a few Video Documentary websites.  I watched the feeds and comments and people seemed to appreciate my first try at filming a documentary by an amateur with no filming instruction or formal education in the art of filming.  Those comments by people whom I never met, inspired me. Of course, all my friends were very supportive of my cause and that inspired me as well. 


I took some time out and just soaked in as much as I could learn about the film industry in 2012 and 2013.  In the summer of 2013, I spent some time with the New York Film Academy in Orlando, Florida and had the opportunity to shoot and direct on the set of Disney's "Streets of America".  I've also involved myself in workshops at the New York Film Academy's new location at South Beach Miami, Florida, 2014.


On June 30th 2014, I completed my latest documentary "Where The Sun Always Shines".   I've  submitted it to film festivals around the country.  My target audience is Netflix.  It's a documentary about how my friends took a dream, made it into a reality years ago, then fast forwards to present day.  The interviews and questions asked of skydivers are presented in a way that leads you to understand that no matter who you are, what sport your in, what ever you do or want to do, that you are capable, you have what it takes and whatever you set your mind to, you will succeed.  Filled with breath taking scenes and words of wisdom, a sense of inspiration will overcome you.


Emilio Mamuyac
Director of Film



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